Liberty Bell

A Life-Changing Event

There is one chime that has changed the entire world: the ringing of the famous Liberty Bell on the 8th of July, 1776. This chime rang from the Independence Hall to call for citizens who would hear the very first reading of an important document that declared independence.

In 1751, this bell was ordered by the assembly of Pennsylvania to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Privileges Charter of William Penn.

This charter was the original constitution of Pennsylvania and spoke of the freedoms and rights that people valued all over the world. The thoughts on freedom of religion were especially forward and the charter included citizens taking part in lawful actions.

The Iconic Bell

The Liberty Bell became iconic after abolitionists took the Bell to symbolize a movement. The very first time it was used was as the frontispiece association to a Liberty edition in 1837 that the anti-slavery society of New York published. In retrospect, this actually served as a very apt metaphor revolving around a country that was literally cracked; where freedom broke for the black inhabitants within.

By 1847, a piece of fiction was written by George Lippard called Saturday Currier. This story revolved around an old bellman which waited in the House steeple, hoping to hear the Congress declare Independence. Privately, the old man began doubting the resolve of the Congress until his grandson suddenly yelled for him to ring the bell after eavesdropping at the Congress doors.

This particular story perfectly captured the thoughts of the nation's people and ever since then, the Bell was associated with independence declarations.

Ever since 1880, the Liberty Bell started moving to cities all over the nation to proclaim liberty and inspire freedom causes in everyone.

The pavilion of the Bell opened in the year 1976 to prepare for the bicentennial celebrations of America, Now, on July the 4 every year, the Liberty Bell is tapped and run along with many different bells all over the country.

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