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Back in 1984, a person named Inge Telnaes got the patent for a device of electronic gaming that used a RNG t choose the stop positions for each reel. IGT eventually purchased this patent, so now, every slot manufacturer out there uses it. Today, it is called Telnaes reel mapping and needs to be licensed it from IGT. Online reels nowadays are allowed to be created because of this particular device.

Although physical reels might come with 22 stop symbols, online reels can consist of a maximum of 256 online stops. Each online stop is then assigned to a symbol on a physical reel. The potential results for various numbers on online stops are as follows.

Because the amount of online stops of the machine cannot be known, it has become impossible to find out the chances of getting the jackpot overall. The amount of every symbol on this reel could also affect the payouts in the end.

Here is an example for machines with 32 reel stops. The overall combination would stand at 32,768. Here are the amount of occurrences and payouts of 32,768.

The Paytable

The Reel Symbols

If you change the amount of bars within the 3rd reel to 5, though, the overall return would go up to 95.577%.

Now, if the amount goes down to 2 overall, the payout would go down to 81.824%.

By changing the cherries within the 1st reel to 3 overall, the payout would go up to 99.072%.

So, this just goes to show how changing the symbols could actually affect the machine's return.

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