Retro Slot Symbols

Retro Slot Reels refer to a video game by Microgaming that has five reels and twenty paylines. This brand new game was made for every fan of traditional slots with classic symbols and famous tunes for everybody to enjoy. A fairly simple online slot version, it offers up additional features, too, like Respin and Free Spins, both of which can increase your odds of winning the 10,000 jackpot. Additionally, this award could go up to 20,000 when Free Spins are used.

Another great thing about these slots is the fact that it comes in a no-download version, with which you can directly play on the browser and don't have to install computer software to do so.

The black and stylish background has a great contrast with the white reels, which spin fast and offer up great prizes. The famous symbols include dollar signs, blue 7s, red 7s, white 7s, orange bars, red bars, yellow bars, plums, lemons, purple 5s and cherries, which are reminiscent of the first slot games back when things were simple. Nowadays, it is also possible to take full advantage of the different bonus features avaiable.

The Scatter Symbol

The particular scatter symbol used here would be the Purple 5. By getting the numbers 2 to 5 or a Purple 5 on any reel, your entire bet will be multiplied to up to 100 times. Basically, it is possible to win $10,000 with every spin, if your highest bet is $100.

Bonus Games

By getting at least two Purple 5s, you can get Free Spins. For every Purple 5, you can avail of 5 of these, so five Purple 5s will equal to twenty-five Free Spins overall. Additionally, your prizes will be doubled if you use Free Spins, so you could get $100,000 or 20,000 coins for five dollar signs. It is even possible to getFree Spins again.

After every spin, you have the option to click on "Respin", too, which can give you higher odds of winning. The Respin button lies under each reel. You should only choose this option after considering the additional cost it would need, though, and after looking at the potential winning combinations that you could win on each payline.

Therefore, you could choose various reels for the Respin with an additional cost to receive the required winning reel combination. But if you choose to alter your wager size, you need to click on the Spin button, so that every reel icon will change. The Respin isn't available during the Free Spins, though.

Retro Slot Reels are similar to traditional slots but come with popular symbols and crisp graphics. They even let you influence the result of each game.

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