Invention and Development of Slot Machines

The history of slots machines goes back to 1880's. The precursor to the modern land and online Slots machines is considered to be a "poker machine" developed by New York manufacturing company in the middle of 1800s. It consisted from reels that displayed playing cards.

Charles Fey and other developers of slot machine

In 1887 a mechanic Charles Fey, made the first Slots machine with automated payouts. It had 3 reels with 5 symbols on each. They concluded four symbols that became classical and a "Liberty Bell", which is actually gave the name for the machine. Later, Fey's machines became extremely popular at different restaurants and bars.

At that time, another inventor made a Slots machine that gave gums and candies as prizes. And in place of card suits symbols there were pictures of cherries, lemons and plums. These symbols were used as promotional items of one Candy Company. Nowadays you may find everywhere slot machines with fruit symbols.

The next variation was introduced by the Mills Novelty Company in 1910 and was called Operator Bell. It is well-known that fruit symbols appeared in this machine. As they were made from iron they were very heavy about 100 pounds.

This disadvantage was removed in 1915 by changing iron cabinets into wooden. By 40's the popularity of slot games spread around America. In these years Bugsy Siegel brought machines in Las Vegas into his Flamingo Hilton Hotel.

In 1960 an electromechanical Slots machines were invented. Progressive jackpots and multi-coin play were added. Also this technology made "one-armed bandit" obsolete.

Modern slot machines have such innovations as microprocessors, progressive slots, and multi-line online slots. The variations will appear and the popularity will grow endlessly.

They offer superb bonuses, brilliant graphics and great special effects. The themes are also various so everyone can find a slot game that satisfies his/her taste.

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